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  •  Just Perfect ..Just as described ..Thank You .My little girl loves it!   TheTreasureHunt, December 5, 2010 via Etsy Feedback 
  • I received my order yesterday and am so, so impressed with the quality (and utter cuteness) of what I ordered. My daughter has basically lived in the hat ever since, and we have changed the bow 50 times.  Angie A., December 14, 2010 on our Facebook Wall 
  • Fast shipping! Thank you!! :)   LuvJunkie, December 15, 2010 via Etsy Feedback 
  • Alec just delivered the hats for my granddaughters – they are ADORABLE!  Thank you so very much for taking the time to get a second one made for me in time for Christmas.  It meant the world to me.  I’ll let you know how the girls like them.  Jolene J., December 23, 2010 via Email 
  • Received my flower today I won. It is adorable!! I love the pink and green together and it is very well made. Thank you so much!  Paula B., March 19, 2011 via Reviews on our Facebook Fan Page 
  • Thank you so much for this pretty spring hair clip. It feels great to know that Spring is finally here. The girls can wear their colors now. I especially =like the center where you made a special knot.  Joanie, April 11, 2011 via Etsy Feedback 
  • I got them!!! AND I LOVE THEM!!!! They are all so cute!! And I noticed you snuck an extra one in there for me :) Thanks so much. So, I definitely want to order more, but I have to see what my money is looking like.  Dezie M., April 19, 2011 via Conversation on Etsy
  • LOVED IT! Patrick, July 8, 2011 via Etsy Feedback
  • Super cute!! Thanks!! Amy, August 17, 2011 via Etsy Feedback