We would love to share our bows and accessories with more people!  If you are interested in possibly reviewing our hair bows and accessories please email cori@blueeyedblessings.com.


This blog is a personal blog written by Julia Munro & Cori Benson with the intent to share and sell our beautifully handcrafted hair bows.  With that being said, we are happy to have family friendly bloggers do reviews and giveaways of our products - as long as it doesn’t change the integrity of who we are and/or of our blog.


Giveaways, are win-win’s for both the myself and the reviewer, not to mention for a lucky reader who wins it!  It’s a great way to promote our hair bows, gain followers on other social networking sites like Twitter & Facebook and potentially gain more clients!  We would want to work with you to decide how many entries each person can have, and different ways they can gain entries (liking you on Facebook, following you on Twitter, tweeting about the giveaway, etc.). 

All we ask is 4 things:

  1. Once the item arrives, please email us to let us know
  2. Please give an honest and thoughtful review of the product
  3. Email us when the review and/or giveaway is posted.
  4. Enjoy the bows or other hair product provided to you!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in reviewing please email cori@blueeyedblessings.com for further information!